10 décembre 2005


Please please me le tout premier album des Beatles sortie le 22 Mars 1963. 1.I saw her standing there2.Misery3.Anna (Go to him)4.Chains5.Boys6.Ask me why7.Please please me8.Love me do9.PS:I love you10.Baby it's you11.Do you want to know a secret?12.A taste of Honey13.There's a place14.Twist and shout L'album est reste en premiere place jusqu'au suivant. Rock and roll facon beatles, adorablement beatles, un album plein de tonus.
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10 décembre 2005


Le 22 Novembre 1963 sort le deuxieme 33 tour du jeune groupe With the Beatles. Comme le premier, il ne sera detrone que par son remplacant. 1.It won't be long (L-M)2.All I've got to do (L-M)3.All my loving (L-M)4.Don't bother me (H)5.Little child (L-M)6.Till there was you7.Please Mr. Postman8.Roll over Beethoven9.Hold me tight (L-M)10.You really got a hold on me11.I wanna be your man (L-M)12.Devil in her heart13.Not a second time (L-M)14.Money
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10 décembre 2005


10 juillet 1964, beatlemani totale, l'album du film, A hard day's night fait encore mieux que les autres. 1.A hard day's night2.I should have known better3.If I fell4.I'm so happy just to dance with you5.And I love her6.Tell me why7.Can't buy me love8.Anytime at all9.I'll cry instead10.Things we said today11.When I get home12.You can't do that13.I'll be back All tracks by Lennon and Mc Cartney
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16 décembre 2005


4 Decembre 1964. 1.No reply2.I'm a loser3.Baby's in black4.Rock and roll music5.I'll follow the sun6.Mr Moonlight7.Kansas City/Hey,hey,hey8.Eight days a week9.Words of Love10.Honey don't11.Every little thing12.I don't want to spoil the party13.What you're doing14.Everybody's trying to be my baby
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16 décembre 2005


6 Aout 1965 1.Help!2.The night before3.You've got to hide your love away4.I need you5.Another girl6.You're going to lose that girl7.Ticket to ride8.Act naturally9.It's only love10.You like me too much11.Tell me what you see12.I've just seen a face13.Yesterday14.Dizzy miss Lizzy
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20 décembre 2005


3 Decembre 1965. 1.Drive my car2.Norwegian wood (This bird has flown)3.You won't see me4.Nowhere man5.Think for yourself6.The word7.Michelle8.What goes on9.Girl10.I'm looking through you11.In my life12.Wait13.If I needed someone14.Run for your life
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20 décembre 2005


5 Aout 19661.Taxman2.Eleanor Rigby3.I'm only sleeping4.Love you to5.Here,there and everywhere6.Yellow submarine7.She said,she said8.Good day sunshine9.And your bird can sing10.For no one11.Doctor Robert12.I want to tell you13.Got to get you into my life14.Tomorrow never knows
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20 décembre 2005


1er Juin 1967 1.Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band2.With a little help from my friends3.Lucy in the sky with diamonds4.Getting better5.Fixing a hole6.She's leaving home7.Being for the benefit of Mr.Kite8.Within you,without you9.When I'm 6410.Lovely Rita11.Good morning,good morning12.Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band (reprise)13.A day in the life
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20 décembre 2005


27 Novembre 1967 1.Magical Mistery tour2.The fool on the hill3.Flying4.Blue jay way5.Your mother should know6.I am the walrus7.Hello,goodbye8.Strawberry fields forever9.Penny Lane10.Baby you're a rich man11.All you need is Love
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20 décembre 2005

THE BEATLES (white album)

22 Novembre 1968 Disc 11.Back in the USSR2.Dear Prudence3.Glass onion4.Ob-la-di,ob-la-da5.Wild honey pie6.The continuing story of Bungalow Bill7.While my guitar gently weeps8.Happiness is a warm gun9.Martha my dear10.I'm so tired11.Backbird12.Piggies13.Don't pass me by14.Rocky Racoon15.Why don't we do it in the road?16.I will17.Julia Disc 2 1.Birthday2.Yer blues3.Mother nature's son4.Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey5.Sexy sadie6.Helter skelter7.Long,long,long8.Revolution 19.Honey pie10.Savoy... [Lire la suite]
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